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About Us

Tarmack is a global platform that connects talented people around the world with great remote & hybrid job opportunities across both permanent & contracting roles.

With the rise of remote work, a revolution has started - employers world-over have realized that people don't always need to be in the same location to do great work together. And therein lies magic - because lots and lots of companies, both big and small, are starting to hire people who are not within a commutable distance to their office and going to work remotely with them. In fact, often these people are not even in the same country as their new employers!

What this means is that the job opportunities that you get are not limited to your city, or even your country any more. Irrespective of where you live and irrespective of what career stage you are in, you have a whole world full of opportunities (literally!) available to you.

The story behind our name

The way we see it, we are in the business of bringing people together, those that are otherwise not in the same location. Before remote work came along, the only way for geographically apart folks to start working together was for one of them to get on a plane and go to the other location. And when we thought of a plane taking off, we thought of the airport tarmac hence the name Tarmack ☺

About Us