How Tarmack Works

How It Works

How It Works - 1
You apply for Tarmack e-Passport
How It Works - 2
Tarmack processes your application and does your:
  • Identity verification
  • Background checks
  • Employment verification
  • Good standing as a law abiding citizen via criminal records check
How It Works - 3
Once your application is approved, you get:
  • The e-Passport in your Tarmack account
  • A unique public link to your e-Passport
  • Your own QR code that you can put on your resume
  • Legal qualification to get formally employed in remote jobs for cos anywhere in the world
How It Works - 4
You find remote jobs on any job sites and include your Tarmacke-Passport link in your application and Tarmack QR code on your resume. You also tell the employer that they can formally employ you in a remote job through Tarmack
How It Works - 5
You go through the interested employer’s evaluation and interview process
How It Works - 6
If you are selected by any employer, you can be formally employed for them by Tarmack